February   2017

Phil Ryan -   Phil is a well loved regular speaker as he imparts so much knowledge about organic gardening.  Phil produces his own organic products and they can bring a plant back from the dead!

March   2016

John Green There is nothing that John Green does not know about orchids. He will impart his valuable knowledge to entice
you to love these beautiful plants. - website


April   2016

Dale Chapman of First Food Company.
Dale will be telling us all about bush tucker food.

May   2016

Peter Heaton of Heaton's Wholesale Nursery
Peter will be discussing the growing of ferns
and anthuriums - website

June  2016

Kim Edwards demonstrate
how to make Kokedamas.

July   2016

Col Slattery the Bunnings Power Man.
Col will be demonstrating the latest lightweight, easy to use gardening appliances.

August   2016

Jonathon Drury, Senior Sales Executive
Rocky Point Mulching, Improving your garden with Rocky Point products. - website

September  2016   (Friendship Day)

Noel Burdette  -  Horticulturist, Presenter & Writer

October   2016

Rose-mere Farm -  Laurel Sommerfeld  Heritage Roses
Ron Treloar Rose Grower
Member with Queensland Rose Society and  Heritage Rose Society

November  2016

Jenny Iriondo  - Cedar Creek Nursery,
largest citrus propagating enterprise
in Queensland.