Meetings are held on the second Monday of each month at 12.30pm for 1pm start.
at the
The Salvation Army Hall, 6 Bartlett Road, Noosaville (off Rene Street)

The meeting generally lasts about three hours.

During each meeting members have the opportunity to borrow books from our extensive gardening library.

We enjoy a free
afternoon tea with a good opportunity for chatting.

Members are able to bring plants they have grown and wish to sell on our Trade Tables.
Our club retains 10% commission on the sale price.

Our Competition Tables consist of categories where members can bring their plants for member judging as 1st, 2nd and 3rd best on the day.  Each December the monthly points are added and awards presented at our Christmas lunch event.
In place of a formal meeting in December, we hold our Christmas lunch at a suitable venue.  This is a social get-together where we present prizes to the year’s Competition Table winners.
In January we do not hold a formal meeting but arrange an informal social afternoon get-together at a local café.  This is a well attended event as members have more time to chat and get to know each other.

We welcome visitors to join us at each meeting. ($3 charge)
Our Annual General Meeting is held in March of each year and follows our normal club meeting. At this time a new committee of nine members is approved as well as a list of meeting helpers.  Volunteers are always welcome.

September meeting is Friendship Day, a very special meeting where we have lots of fun and invite representatives from other garden clubs and friends. The meeting starts at 9am for a 10am start.

Each Friendship Day has a theme where members can dress for the occasion and join in the fun.  We normally have a special speaker for this event and contribute to a fabulous morning tea.



Fruit, Vegetables or Herbs:
1st: Marilyn Watson
2nd: George Tillett
3rd:  Jeanette Kingston
Single Bloom:
1st: Nita Bettridge
2nd: Nita Bettridge
3rd:  Jan Hurle
Multiple Head:
1st: Nita Bettridge
2nd:  Jan Hurle
3rd:  Nita Bettridge
Decorative Leaf:
1st:  Clare Reed
2nd:  Jan Hurle
3rd:  Nita Bettridge
1st: Lois Walters
2nd:  Lois Walters
3rd:  Lois Walters/ Nita Bettridge
Australian Natives:
1st:  Lois Walters
2nd:  Nita Bettridge
3rd:  Carolea Dietrich
Flower/Plant of the Month
1st:  Nita Bettridge
2nd:  Lois Walters
3rd:  Jan Hurle

Flowers/Foliage for Fun
1st:  Nita Bettridge
2nd:  Nita Bettridge
3rd:  Nita Bettridge

Anne McCombe presents her Lucky Door Prize to Marlene Matters.

Jan Hurle donated a surprise fun Lucky Door Prize which was won enthusiastically by Naomi Summers!
Major Warren Parkinson welcomed the club to our new meeting venue, The Salvation Army Hall in Noosaville.  Major Parkinson spoke of the history of the Salvation Army and the community programmes that they operate at the premises.